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Five TV Shows That More People Should Watch

March 5, 2010

1. Leverage. Come on, people, it’s a heist movie every frickin’ week! The fact that they can pull that off at all on a cable budget is amazing – and the fact that they do it so well is even more so. The team is a wonderful ensemble, and the characters put just enough of a twist on old archetypes to stay fresh. As theLeverage crew begin shooting Season 3 in Portland, this would be an excellent time to Netflix those DVDs and catch up on what is consistently witty escapism.

2. Chuck. This spy show is clever, and fun, and occasionally serious, and even if it doesn’t always hit the mark (seriously, I’m still not buying the Shaw/Sarah thing), the characters are so likable that I keep tuning in week after week. Rumor on my Twitter feed is that this Monday’s episode, “Chuck Versus the Beard” is the best episode yet. Renewal isn’t a lock yet, so please tune in!

3. Fringe. I had lukewarm feelings for this show in its first season, tuning in mostly to look at Joshua Jackson’s prettiness and remember when he was a Mighty Duck. Then the show killed off Anna Torv’s FBI partner Charlie, which was the best thing they ever could have done. Not for the actor, I’m sure, but it allowed Peter to step in as Olivia’s partner, instead of standing around in the background interpreting Walter-speak and making snarky comments.

4. Community. I’m just going to link to the latest episode, which had me falling out of my chair at Wednesday’s Paleyfest. ‘Nuff said.

5. Lie to Me. It’s like House without the medical jargon and a more likable lead character. The science behind the show is fascinating, and watching it will make you a better liar.*

*That’s probably a lie.

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  1. March 5, 2010 12:54 pm

    I have watched that Community episode three times already. So you know, there’s that ringing endorcement.

  2. March 5, 2010 1:14 pm

    I haven’t had to hit the “laugh pause” button on my DVR as much EVER as I did with last night’s Community. It was hilarious from start to finish. You know what I like about it most? It has heart. It’s ironic, kind of, but it’s not cynical. It’s a great, great show.

  3. March 5, 2010 2:09 pm

    I love Fringe. EW listed it as one of the top 10 TV shows on the air right now.

    I used to have this Fringe flashlight that I got from Comic-Con last year but I lost it. One of the more depressing moments in my life…

  4. Julie permalink
    March 6, 2010 6:49 am

    The funniest thing about this article above? Promoting a heist show that comes on every week and you can order back shows off Netflix if you care to and even funnier is that the person writing this article is excited that each show is “fresh”. If I wanted to see a heist movie each week there are so many good theatrical heist movies I could watch : Bank Job, The Italian Job, Armored, Reservoir Dogs (best overall), Heat (next best to RD, Ocean’s 11, 12, 13, National Treasure 1 and 2, The Thomas Crown Affair, Catch Me If You Can, Swordfish (now this one is fun and the opening is outstanding!), Gone in 60 Seconds, Con Air (the funniest) and there are more but you get the idea. If you look up heist movies on Netflix you can find others. I don’t need a tv show that will show me a heist every week when not only do I own all these movies but if I didn’t all I would have to do is order them off Netflix. The best part? Each is different in some way and each has some wonderful actors that I can count on to make each movie work. (Side bar note here, Reservoir Dogs, the best as far as I am concerned, has Tim Roth in it, same lead actor in Lie To Me. If you are truly a Lie To Me fan and have not seen Reservoir Dogs, well you are missing out on not only one of the greatest Tarantino films, but one of the best TR films and one he loves).

    Chuck, Community, blah blah……no interest. Don’t need another comedy show. Way too many and way to few really good dramas.

    Fringe, getting better and looking forward to it returning in April. The best things about this show? Walter, the eccentric scientist, brilliant yet burned out a bit on drug use and a mental institution stay, and very dependent on his son Peter. Peter, not only cute but he can act and balances out Torv’s (Olivia the FBI agent) bad acting or bland not sure which.

    Lie To Me. I have been waiting and waiting and waiting to hear when exactly we are going to get this show started up again (the longer you put a show on hiatus the longer people start finding other things to watch and forget about it. Hell, I even started watching Lost again and I thought that would never, ever happen!). Bring LTM back FOX! You got the shows filmed and ready to go yet you keep it on the back burner. I don’t understand that and I know a lot of people that don’t understand it as well. Let’s face it, FOX is the best at messing with it’s shows audience and making them beg for said shows.

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