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Five Things I Never Thought I’d Understand, But Do Now

February 5, 2010

1. The power of Twitter. One year ago I said, quote:

I fail to understand the power of Twitter.  I have a hard enough time keeping my Facebook status updated.

Then I discovered that you can sync your Twitter account to update your Facebook status for you. Two birds, one stone! Why am I now such a devoted Tweeter? In addition to my ability to share my thoughts with the Interwebs and find like-minded individuals in 140 characters or fewer, it allows me to stalk my favorite writers and actors and feel as if we’re actually friends – and that’ s not creepy, at all.

2. Why Southern California girls wear Uggs. I still think it’s idiotic to wear these lambswool boots with a tank top and miniskirt, and don’t get me started on the Ed Hardy bedazzled brand, but I have to admit – they’re cozy. Originally purchased for my mid-February trip to Chicago, I’ve gotten plenty of wear out of them in L.A. – always with pants.

3. Why anyone would purchase a Snuggie. Now, granted, I didn’t pay for mine, and it’s not the best material to own if you have a dog who sheds a lot, but it’s quite snuggly, and nice for curling up on the couch with the remote control and a box of Lucky Charms.

4. The genius that is Mac. In high school, some alumnus donated a number of brand new iMacs (the turquoise kind) to my Media Academy classroom. I hated working on a Mac; the mouse was stupid and everything was backwards. I was at least two years behind the rest of the world in getting an iPod. I told myself I didn’t need an iPhone, but now I can’t live without it. When I got tired of my laptops catching viruses, I decided Mac was the way to go, with its sleek shininess and superior graphics capability. Now I’m one of those people who go into a Mac store just to stare at the pretty things I can’t afford.

(Though I really have no interest in the poorly-named iPad – for now.)

5. The splendor of graphic novels. I was never really “against” them, and I’m still a novice, but I certainly never saw myself burning through a series (figuratively, not literally), eager to get to the next. There’s a lot of great storytelling in graphic novels these days, not just the superhero stuff I had expected. With the exception of the cost, the graphic novel has been a great way of letting me continue to explore the worlds of some of my favorite shows like Buffy and Farscape – and find new ones.

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