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Quest for Comic-Con Part V: Full Metal Morons

January 14, 2010

This episode is one of my favorites, and it was a lot of fun to film, even though the apartment we filmed in was sweltering. There are some good bloopers for this episode too that’ll show up on our blooper reel – I had a very hard time keeping a straight face when Ed says, “You will play a game.”

And for the interested:


The game is comprised of:

  • The green Apples to Apples adjective cards
  • A Twister mat + spinner
  • A laser pointer
  • Anime character cards
  • Alcohol

Rules –

Each player is given a mix of character cards and adjective cards, eight total. The rest are put into two piles. One player spins the Twister dial, and plays as follows depending where the dial lands:

  • Red – Pick up a character card and choose the best adjective in your hand to match it. If the ‘ref’ of the game approves of your choice, you get a Pair. If not, the character card goes back in the pile.
  • Green – Pick up an adjective card and choose the best character in your hand to match it. If the ‘ref’ approves your choice, keep both cards. If not, you lose your character card, but keep the new adjective.
  • Blue and Yellow follow regular Twister rules in that you have to place whatever hand or foot the dial points to on the mat – however, you also lose your turn and have to take a shot.

The ref, or just another spectator, holds the laser pointer above the heads of the players on the mat – if you break the beam, you’re automatically disqualified. The goal is to match five character cards and get untangled!

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  1. Stephanie permalink
    January 14, 2010 5:25 pm

    You’re even funnier when you’re pretend drunk.

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