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Quest for Comic-Con Part III: Xena Never Had to Deal With This Shit

October 7, 2009

Watch Part III right here, or if you’re new to the Quest, then check out this convenient playlist. All future episodes will be added to it for your viewing pleasure.

A little about the filming of Part III –

You may remember my post about the perils of filming in a bathroom with automatic toilets, but now you can see how well it turned out, though for this scene between Gabby and her co-worker Eloise the danger came more from the giant wall of mirrors than the toilets. Thanks to the magic of Final Cut you’d never know what a pain in the ass this was to film. Our Eloise (Jamie Buxton) was really great to work with, and she’ll be back…

Most of the filming in my bedroom was done in advance of everything else, and the scenes in the boys’ apartment were also filmed together in chunks.  All the scenes between Z.J. and David were filmed the same day as the Z.J. scenes from Part II. I realized when watching the episode for the fourth or fifth time that Z.J.’s roommate isn’t named on screen; for the record, that’s David, played by Mitch Guy, who also lent us the use of his apartment.

Again, I have to thank the three actors who played Gabby’s coworkers. They not only showed up to film their brief roles for free – they did it twice after the camera broke down on the first day. (Each of their characters is meant to spoof a big blockbuster, can you guess which?) They were so wonderful about the snafu. Of course, we did provide donuts. Keep watching after the credits for a few private moments with Bella, Tony, and Bruce.

So who can pick out the geek references in Part III? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

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  1. stephanie permalink
    October 8, 2009 6:35 am

    I hadn’t watched the part after the credits. Very funny.

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