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Bringing Back the Television

September 7, 2009

As we’re entering the Fall Season, I thought this might be a good time to re-post my summary of last season’s finales so you’re all caught up:


I’m going to experiment with a few ‘regular’ features on the blog, particularly in the arena of reviews and recaps. For the interested, here’s what I’ll be watching:


How I Met Your Mother (DVR) – Definitely looking forward to the return, but they better reveal who the mother is soon.

House – In some ways, I think I only still watch this show because I remember how good the Season One episode “Three Stories” was. I suspect that House institutionalized will either be a really great move, or a really terrible one. Either way, I’m close to letting go.

The Big Bang Theory (DVR) – Another sitcom I definitely love for the sheer geekiness, but not something I absolutely have to watch. Enjoyable nonetheless.

Lie to Me – I love the ‘science’ behind this show, and certainly appreciate a British actor actually getting to keep his accent. They just need to up the difficulty of their mysteries.

Castle – I love Nathan Fillion and everything he does, so it doesn’t really matter that this show is a lightweight. It’s fun, it’s cute, and the girl who plays his daughter is adorable, their on-screen relationship refreshing.


NCIS – I’m not particularly happy with where they took the Tony/Ziva relationship last season, though I have to admire the writers for actually taking a risk on a procedural, so I hope they don’t push CTRL-Z on the plotline.

NCIS: Los Angeles – I give all spinoffs a chance, but this one will have to really impress me to make it worth my while.


Criminal Minds – I think the show only got better with the additions of Paget Brewster and Joe Mantegna, so I’m definitely looking forward to another season.

CSI: NY – As long as they leave the relationship between Danny and Lindsey alone, I’m happy to suspend my disbelief as far as their wacky cases are concerned. But if something happens to ruin the happy family…


FlashForward – One of the few new shows to get any good buzz. I’m on board for a Lost-eqsue show that has two of my favorite Losties, Charlie and Penny.

Bones – I’m still smarting from that bizarre season finale, but ready to get back to the regularly scheduled program. I’m just disappointed that Hart Hanson didn’t mention anything about Angela and Hodgins at Comic-Con.

Fringe – The show grew on me over the course of the first season, but they need to step it up and make more use out of Joshua Jackson’s character.

Supernatural – Haven’t quite finished the fourth season, but if Five continues to produce great episodes, I see no reason why this show shouldn’t make it to the top of my favorites list.

CSI – No more Riley Adams? I’m fine with that as she completely failed to make an impression, but bringing back Sara? Come on, what the hell is the point of that?

30 Rock (when it returns) – Always love it. I worship Tina Fey.

The Mentalist – I love Simon Baker, but I have to admit all the anti-Mentalist jokes on Psych had me in stitches.

Project Runway – So far I’m not in agreement with the judges on much, but I’m very glad that they rewarded Shirin two weeks ago – I love her versatility.


Medium (DVR) – Hopefully the show will get the respect it deserves now that it’s on CBS. It’s always been a strong, consistent show, and I appreciate that.

Dollhouse – After “Epitaph One,” I really can’t wait to see what happens next. I still have some concerns for the longevity of the premise, though. Calm my fears, Joss, calm my fears.

Numb3rs – Did Amita actually say yes to Charlie’s proposal? She better – they’re practically married already anyway.


The Amazing Race – I always get so worked up over this show, but can’t turn away. Here’s hoping for a season with strong and likable contenders.

(And White Collar on USA whenever it comes on.)

Putting it all in a list like that makes me realize how much of the television I really love won’t return until midseason, or next summer: Leverage, Lost, Chuck. For some reason, V isn’t on the schedule either.

My apathy is fairly palpable.

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  1. September 8, 2009 12:04 am

    V premieres Nov. 3. White Collar is on Fridays beginning Oct. 23. Both very good.

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