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The Heat Can’t Beat the Quest

July 20, 2009


Southern California, for those of you who don’t know, is hot in the summer time. Really hot. Edges of a volcano hot. And lucky us, our first weekend back at filming turned out to be a scorcher – with most of our filming outside. For all that, I seem to be amazingly un-sunburned.

Our shoot got off to a bit of a rocky start on Saturday when none of the extras we were counting on showed for the 9 a.m. call. Even desperate phone calls to friends couldn’t get them out of bed in time (or, in one case, across the border from Canada.) Fortunately, it ended up working to our advantage. We took off to the office set to film the final co-worker scene, then headed back to my house where I sat on the front porch and pretended to wait for a car.

In the afternoon we returned to Golden Apple, took part in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles festivities, and stood in three fake lines, which were frequently mistaken for actual lines. (Sorry, Turtle fans!)  Even later in the day we didn’t have that many extras (where were you guys?), but we decided to go for the joke of having the same people in the same clothes in three different places that are supposed to be on three different days. Hopefully it’ll work – given the surreality of the script, I like it.

The folks at Golden Apple couldn’t be nicer, I pledge to buy all my graphic novels from them in the future (barring whatever I come home with from San Diego). We snagged two of their patrons for small roles when we ran out of people to play shop clerks. Steve, who played the movie theater usher, was a very good sport, especially when he fell running away from Godzilla.  Thanks again, Steve!

That completed filming for Part I. In a perfect world, I’d like to get Part I cut together in time for this weekend so when I go to Comic-Con I can tell people to watch it, but that will probably depend on how fast I can grasp the basics of Final Cut.

Sunday the Quest Qrew headed to North Hollywood, where we filmed more of the guys’ apartment scenes and broiled in our own skin. Between the heat and not having gotten enough sleep, I was in need of a nap, so I headed home to grab my costume and after a short rest period and an episode of Sliders, I drove out to Sherman Oaks, where we filmed the scene that was originally scripted to take place in a park, and now takes place next to the Los Angeles river. It works, trust me. There was a very strong High Noon-pistols-at-dawn feel to the location, and a couple of German Shepherds who took offense at our presence.

I was made up like the victim of a car crash or domestic violence – and completely forgot about it so that when I returned home, my mother did a double-take at my lovely black eye. Good times.

This weekend is all about marketing and promotion (and having fun). Co-producer K. got a head start by dropping by a party hosted by the boyfriend of one of our actors, who happens to be a comic book artist. Gotta love networking in the modern age. I can’t wait to start handing out our postcard flyers, they look so great!

Three “commercials” are now up on YouTube, and will be added to the page shortly. Please go check them out, we like to see the number of hits rise, it’s pretty much what we live for. While you’re there, subscribe to our channel so you’ll be the first to know when an episode goes up.

We’ve got more than 200 fans on our Facebook page! If you haven’t added us, what are you waiting for?


Again, I just have to thank friends, family, and fans for the support. This is 100% a passion project, and we are back on track. I’m just thrilled that there are so many people encouraging us and helping us make it a reality (or a surreality.) Keep the buzz buzzing!

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