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The Five Day Feature

June 26, 2009


Ah, Twitter. To some, a sign of the end of days. For others, like myself, it’s a fun way to waste time and “meet” new and interesting people. Like my friend @rachlanger, who decided to write a thriller in three days. A couple of her followers thought that was a really good idea, and now we’re engaged in the 5 Day Feature, which, as you can probably guess, means writing a feature-length screenplay in five days.

When you get out of school, forcing yourself to finish things is often hard, which is one of the reasons projects like NaNoWriMo exist. Without deadlines, I have no incentive to bring my stories to an end, and then inevitably bemoan the fact that I don’t have enough in my portfolio. So when this challenge came up, I jumped at it, hoping that by hook or by crook, at the end of this week I’d have a completed screenplay to shop around.

Read the rest HERE. Those of you who follow me on Twitter might have noticed that the 5DayFeature has become the 7DayScreenplay, but the principle is the same.

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