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Thick Skin, Like a Kumquat

April 27, 2009


A co-worker of my mother’s stumbled across my blog via Twitter, and told her he loved it. He also warned her that I’d need to develop a thick skin if I wanted to survive due to my brutal honesty. Brutal? I’d never thought of myself as ‘brutal’ before. I just don’t think there’s much point in maintaining a blog if you’re going to bullshit your way through it. I like to think I maintain a healthy amount of tact, and am certainly careful how much I reveal about people who might be reading, but at the same time, if I have an opinion about something, I’m going to express it (providing I can find the words; sometimes I’m just struck dumb by stupidity.) I do tend toward the sardonic, but I mean no harm.

Thick skin is a necessity for any writer – and I pride myself on my ability to handle criticism, but that emotional psoriasis didn’t come easy nor is it 100% successful. It took years of workshops and query letter submissions before I was comfortable with rejection, before I could look at my own work and recognize the flaws. It also involved a lot of self-examination and honing my judgment of other people’s opinions, but I won’t bore you with the details.

It boils down to this: you have to be open to accepting the fact that sometimes your work is crap.

Read the rest HERE.

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