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The 20SB Blog Swap

April 22, 2009

20SB Blog Swap 4 Today’s guest post is brought to you by JD from Shirt or Dress. This is all part of the 20 Something BloggersBlog Swap 4“. Don’t forget to go check out my post over on her site.


A fellow 20-something blogger, JD has a few words to say about grammar… (a girl after my own heart!)


Ah, the blog swap. It’s refreshing to get out of my “Is this a shirt or a dress?” rut and talk about something completely different. Don’t get me wrong. I’m still going to complain about something and gripe. I’m just going to do it about something different than the fashion faux pas of da skanks in da clubs. In addition to an abhorrence for those who put the “whore” in abhorrence, there are a few other things that set me off. Number one on the list? Bad grammar. I’m not talking about the “don’t end a sentence in a preposition” bad grammar. I’m not even talking about the “whom/who” debate. I’m talking about the things that anyone who went to elementary school should know.  

1) This is how my 15 year old cousin talks. Actual wall posts from her Facebook include (but are not limited to): 

i am who i am if u dont like it deal with it…..cuz idc anymore i have my goodfriends that are like my sisters/brudders and the other people can go away! 

=( urg……idk even no anymore! 

i dont care wut anyone says… age it just a number!!!!!! 

The only reason I don’t punch her in the face is because not only is she kin but she’s also fifteen. I think it’s illegal to punch a minor in the face. But if she were 3 years older and of no relation to me, it’d be on.  

2) I hate when people abuse their caps lock key. An office manager at a past job of mine would sometimes call me into her office to “review” especially heinous resume submissions. A lot of them were written using just capital letters. Why on earth would you write a cover letter and/or resume in all capital letters? FYI: In the land of the interwebs, capital letters are used to specify yelling. “PLEASE HIRE ME I AM THE BEST EMPLOYEE EVER!” Okay! I get it! You’re awesome! Stop yelling at me! YOU ARE RUDE! 

3) Emoticons and phrases such as “lol” should be reserved to my 15 year old cousin’s peers and/or girls. You’re a 27 year old chick? I suppose you’re allowed to use emoticons. You’re in middle school? Cool. Go with it. You’re a 35 year old man? You cannot. I repeat: no girl will swoon if u type texts like this k? J 

4) Your/you’re:

You are = you’re. Your = something that belongs to you.  


It is = it’s

Its = possessive 


There is a place. Their = possessive

They’re= they are 

That’s all.

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