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Barter: Your Dignity for My Amusement?

March 9, 2009

Still Twittering (Twitting? Tweeting?), and still have no idea why.

In doing research for the webseries, I’ve been perusing craigslist, and some of the things people post just crack me up – and I’m not even talking about the personals.  Sometimes it isn’t a matter of the content, but the phrasing.  Take for example:

2 Authentic Chagall Lithographs made by Chagall – (Thousand Oaks) pic

I should certainly hope the Chagall Lithographs are made by Chagall.  If they were Chagall Lithographs made by Degas, well, I’d just feel cheated.

Or how about:

Urban Shaman – (silverlake)

What is an urban shaman, you ask?  I have no idea, the post doesn’t go into detail, though apparently you can google him.  Then the question becomes, what does one do with a shaman, and is an urban shaman better than a rural shaman?

I have to say, the first place my mind went with this one was Sonic the Hedgehog:

Knuckles for the female that has it all! PICS – $900 – (valley)

Judging from the content of the post, I’m going to guess it’s something dirty.  Also, the poster lied – there are no pics.

If you’re looking for someone who can “spread colors of paint well” or “only eats flesh socially” then look no further:

Need a living space; I can help you enhance/proctect your property. – $420 – (From the sea to the mountians.) pic

There are quite a number of people willing to permanently mark you with ink in exchange for electronic goods, but this guy is willing to offer this gorgeous lighting fixture in exchange for a tat:

Wagon Wheel Chandelier – (Northridge) pic

Of course, spelling is important too:

want new texture on your old cealings $ 1 per sq. ft. –

This one sounds like something out of Pushing Daisies:

Can you teach me Norwegian in exchange for piano lessons/fresh bread? –

I’m pretty sure you don’t want to barter for vaccinations.  That seems like the sort of thing you really should shell out the cash for:

Want: Yellow Fever Shot, Food Allergies Test –

Man, I could do this all day.

Quote of the Day:

“There’s no genius behind it. It’s persistence and listening to people.” -Craig Newmark, founder of Craigslist.

Link of the Day: The IMDb profile of a barista at my local Coffee Bean.

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  1. Stephanie permalink
    March 9, 2009 2:10 pm

    Katie waited on me yesterday. I had no idea she was a star.

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