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Entering the 3RD DIMENSION!

January 28, 2009

Apparently 3-D is back – trouble is, no one missed it.  Between last year’s Journey to the Center of the Earth, this season’s heart-warmer My Bloody Valentine, and next week’s post-Superbowl “Chuck vs. the Third Dimension,” Hollywood seems to think that this 3-D is the next big thing.

Yeah…maybe in the 1950s.

I love Chuck and I want it to have high ratings, which is why I have a really hard time grasping the rationale behind marketing 3-D episodes of otherwise ordinary television as ‘something amazing!!1!’ when 3-D has been around for more than half a century.  Given all the truly impressive technology we have these days in the world of computer graphics and film, telling your TV audience that you’re going to do a whole episode in 3-D is like showing someone a toaster and saying, “But you don’t understand, it toasts bread.”  Wow.  Excuse me while I yawn.

3-D can be fun, but it shouldn’t be treated like an innovative technique that is going to blow our minds.  Things will come at us from the screen, oh my.  It’s like we’re really there!  The most annoying thing about this is that the effect won’t even work without those stupid, uncomfortable glasses.  Glasses that we’re expected to go out and buy just to enjoy the cheap trick.

At least at the movies they assume you’re already paying through the nose and hand you the damn specs as you walk into the theater showing My Bloody Valentine (3-D).  Who feels the need to make a 3-D horror movie?  They might as well just say, “We didn’t make our movie scary enough, so we’re going to throw a couple pickaxes and a severed head at you.  Literally.”

Something tells me that Chuck‘s stunt is going to backfire.  They should have just stuck with the stunt casting of Dominic Monaghan, who’s at least entertaining.  Coupling that hyped appearance with 3-D is really pressing their luck.  Moreover, the casual viewer who might stop to watch Chuck because nothing else is on, will flip the channel when the special effects hit the screen because they don’t have their stupid 3-D glasses.  Only the truly die-hard fans – the ones who read up on their shows in TV Guide, or scour the internet for spoilers – are going to remember to go to their local 7-11.

Which reminds me…I have to stop at 7-11.

Quote of the Day:

“There is a third dimension to traveling, the longing for what is beyond.” – Jan Myrdal, Swedish author and columnist

Link of the Day: Don’t Quote Me – It’s like someone read my mind!

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