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She’s Alive, Aliiiiivvvvveeeee!

January 8, 2009

I had this whole long post started detailing the hellish experience I had this week as I went under the knife, but, you know what?  Screw that.  It’s over, I’ve ranted to various people, I don’t really need to make the blogosphere suffer along with me.  Much.

So I’ll sum up:  I was at Cedars Sinai for twelve hours on Monday, the first seven of which were spent waiting, first in the uncomfortable chairs of the waiting room, and then in pre-op with an IV in my arm.  My doctor was a colossal jackass with the typical surgeon’s God complex, I cried twice, the anesthesiologist overdosed me so that I could barely keep my eyes open after I “woke up,” I was sick twice in the recovery room, they wanted to keep me overnight, I said ‘screw that,’  went home, and spent the next twenty-four hours in a haze of pain and vomit.  

Good times.

Fortunately I am much better now, and feel like myself again.  I’m even mobile, and the pain in my shoulder isn’t too bad, though – like I usually do – I probably overworked it a bit while under the influence of extra-strength vicodin.

Right now I’d kill for a mocha latte.  


Quote of the Day:

“Your mother’s just like me.  She thinks I should be a Quaker.”

“But then you’d have to get up early to milk the cow.”

-overheard at Nirvana

Link of the Day: Egyptian Gods – my newest online game obsession.

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