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A Few Randomosities

December 29, 2008


Pilot enjoys one of his Christmas presents - a dog that sounds like a kazoo when squeezed appropriately.

Pilot enjoys one of his Christmas presents - a dog that sounds like a kazoo when squeezed appropriately.

Watching Pilot watch TV is one of my favorite things.  He will attempt communication with any dog on the screen, but also reacts to classical music.  Or something.  I’m still not sure what, other than animal sounds, attracts his attention, but Sunday night, we settled in to watch The Golden Compass.  Pi loved the ice bears.  Both the roaring and just the sonorous tones of the voice actors kept him rapt.  He is quite the character, my little boy. 

So I finally got my rejection for the ABC/Disney Writing Fellowship, a lovely, impersonal form e-mail on Christmas Eve.  I’m just glad I finally know, though it came as no surprise.  Unfortunately, it also looks like I’ve missed the deadlines to apply to graduate school for the fall, so I guess I’ll have to just keep plugging away at the whole ‘finding-a-job’ thing.

Shoulder surgery is scheduled for next week, which will probably mean a blog hiatus.  For a few days, anyway, you might not even notice I’m gone.  My fingers will not be parted from the keys for long.

I’ve come to the realization that as part of my research for the ‘Best/Worst Movies from YA Fantasy Books’ article that I’m going to write for Starpulse, I’m going to have to watch Twilight.  But, even better, after skimming this (not to mention the countless ‘recommendations’ amongst my friends) I’ve decided that I have to read the book.  From what I’ve seen/heard so far, it absolutely amazes me that this drek found an agent, let alone a publisher.  Which only goes to show that you can soak your prose in purple, you can scatter Mary Sues across the pages, you can even technically kill your heroine at the end and promote paedophilia, just so long as the book also has sexy vampires.

I love that this article seems to be news to most people.  While I’m not a huge promoter of sex myself, I think that safe sex is a much more realistic expectation of teens than abstinence.  And unless you’re like me, that’s what a ‘virginity pledge’ is – abstinence.  It’s very admirable that there are teens who want to wait, but in our highly sexualized culture it’s just not very likely they’ll hold out if the right opportunity presents itself.  People really shouldn’t be surprised.

This weekend I plan to see several movies – I haven’t been to an actual theater in weeks, since I saw Slumdog Millionaire (which was quite good.)  On my list are: Marley and MeThe Curious Case of Benjamin Button, possibly Yes Man (for sheer comic relief) and Seven Pounds (just to find out what the hell it’s about), Doubt, and I still want to see Milk.

Here’s the thing I don’t get about the apparent success of Valkyrie: it stars the world’s unlikeliest Nazi, and it’s being marketed as a suspense thriller – but where’s the suspense?  The audience knows Tom Cruise and his merry band of traitors with random accents won’t succeed because Hitler isn’t killed by the one-eyed man, he commits suicide in a bunker.  While I don’t doubt it’s an interesting story worthy of being told, it’s not exactly a surprise ending.

Apparently Bristol Palin will be continuing her mother’s tradition of baby names by christening her newborn son ‘Tripp Easton Mitchell Johnston.’ Seriously, Tripp?  So he’ll fit in with his uncles Track and Trig?  I shouldn’t care about this, I really shouldn’t, but I’ve long been annoyed by celebrity baby names.  Apple and Coco always come to mind.  Parents who don’t consider how mercilessly their children will be teased in kindergarten deserve to be set on fire in the middle of the night.  Worse, it’s always people named Nicole or Robert who are the cruelest.  Admittedly, most of the peers of these misnomered tykes will also have bizarre appellations, but possibly the saddest part about being a Suri or a Sunday is that you’ll never be able to buy personalized keychains straight off the rack.

This deeply, deeply amuses me, probably because the furry little thief seemed to know exactly what he was after.


Quote of the Day:

Except for a few school papers, Meyer had never written anything before stealing a few hours at night to write Twilight. Even her attempts to tell original stories to her three sons were greeted with little enthusiasm.

I may be sick.

Link of the Day:  An environmentally-friendly paper shredder.  You only have to feed it.

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