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10 Creative Gift Ideas

December 21, 2008

It’s close to crunch time, but my article for Helium finally got processed, so I can now share it on this blog.  It wasn’t selected, unfortunately, but I’m still rather pleased with it.  Though for the record, that first suggestion was supposed to include actual cookies – not just a recipe.  Here’s a sample –

The Mix-Tape – Don’t just take the easy way out by putting together a CD you could buy in any store. Look for rare covers of classic holiday songs, new Christmas compositions by little known bands, or even go the extra step and record some of your own with the microphone on your computer. Nice cover art designed in Photoshop will be the icing on the gingerbread house. 

Scavenger Hunt – For that puzzle-lovin’ person in your life, pick up a map of your home town and choose at least five holiday-adjacent destinations. Devise clues and activities to lead him or her around the city, include some memento of your times together at each stop, and be waiting at the end to buy him or her a mug of hot chocolate.

You can read the rest of my holiday gift ideas on  Apparently my article ranks number 2.

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