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I just love television so much!

November 14, 2008

I have a tendency to get into pop culture after it’s popped.  By the time I fell in love with Savage Garden, the band had crashed and burned.  Mystery Science Theater 3000, while living forever in our hearts and on YouTube, went off the air in 1999.  By the time I realized Farscape was the best thing on television, it had been cancelled and resurrected in the form of a mini-series, only to fade into obscurity again.

I love “classic” television, particularly sitcoms; they’re completely new to me, and I love to laugh.  I believe the sitcom is a dying art form, and while television has left me rather cold in recent weeks, there’s one notable exception: 30 Rock.  I didn’t want to like it at first, stubbornly loyal to my beloved Studio 60, which suffered from the comparison, but over at my friend J’s house one afternoon, we ended up watching “Tracey Does Conan,” and it wasn’t long before I was hooked – particularly on Kenneth Ellen Parcell.  

30 Rock is a t.v. show that loves television, and that love is why it succeeds where most other sitcoms fail.  Kenneth is the very embodiment of that passion, and his geeky enthusiasm is easily identifiable for anyone who’s ever spent a Saturday afternoon watching a TVLand marathon.  Sitcoms are the dweeb’s domain. 

Recently, TVLand started showing Night Court in the mornings.  Believe it not, I’d never seen a single episode, but I turned on Channel 44 in the kitchen while Pilot was having his breakfast, and soon got sucked in by Markie Post’s mullet and the magic dorkery of Judge Harry T. Stone.  It’s dated, sure, but that’s part of its charm.

Then I found out that the show was supposed to end with a wedding between Harry and Christine, but didn’t because the show wasn’t renewed for a tenth season.  Like Kenneth on last night’s 30 Rock, I was crushed.  Hopeless romantic that I am, I hate it when a show builds up romantic tension that never sees fruition.  So when I saw that last night’s episode was called “The One with the Cast of ‘Night Court,'” I couldn’t believe it.  Not my Night Court.  To most people, it’s, ‘What’s Night Court?’  Not exactly a show at the forefront of people’s consciousness.

It was kismet that Kenneth would have dreams of the perfect Night Court finale just as I had started watching.  Thank you, 30 Rock, for making it right.  I suppose in many ways the show is meta-television, and only people who truly enjoy what they do could do it so well.  Tina Fey is certainly a woman worth watching.  Her genius sort of snuck up on me in the last year or so, and now I can’t get enough.  You get the feeling watching 30 Rock that these people love their jobs.  

Now if only they could write a better finale for Angel.


Quote of the Day: 

Markie Post: You always thought you were better than me because you were nominated for Emmys. I would’ve been nominated, too, but I was just too hot to be taken seriously.
Harry Anderson: Well that wouldn’t be a problem now, would it? 

30 Rock, “The One with the Cast of ‘Night Court'”

Link of the Day: I love Tina Fey, but John Stewart is my hero.

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