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I Think We Need To Talk.

October 21, 2008

Please don’t be upset.  It’s not me, it’s you – you’ve changed.  You’re going to a dark place, a place I can’t follow.  It’s not that I don’t want to, I want to have faith, want to believe that you’ll turn this all around, but… This just isn’t working; I don’t know who you are anymore.

Remember when we first met?  You were so full of hope, and innocence.  You wanted to save the world.  I knew it couldn’t last forever, but I wasn’t ready for this.  I thought we had a future together.

We’ve had our good times, and at first it was exciting.  New York, Japan, Africa.  I met so many people, heard so many stories.  All the action, all the adrenaline.  But now I’m confused.  Everything seems to have turned upside-down.  I don’t know if you’re coming or going, and I don’t know how much more I can take.  I miss the old you, the better you. 

Is this how it’s going going to be from now on?  I don’t think I can take that kind of heartache.  I never thought I’d fall out of love with you, I’ve always been your staunch defender.  When others said you’d gone too far, I said I didn’t care.  But this is too much, and I have better ways of spending my time.  Unless something changes dramatically, this is it.  Goodbye.


And that’s why I’m not sure I’ll be watching Heroes much longer.


Quote of the Day: 

“We are going in places this particular volume – with Sylar – that I think will cause the audience to be really torn about how they feel about this guy.  They know he his capable of tremendous evil, yet he has a kind of depth of pathos that makes you question your own sense of what is right and wrong.” – Tim Kring, creator Heroes

Link of the Day: Geeky Costume Ideas for Halloween – Hiro Nakamura and Captain Hammer both made the list.

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