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An Open Letter to Tim Kring

September 22, 2008

Dear Heroes,

Congratulations, you got what you wanted. I care about these characters again. I don’t want Claire to become an unfeeling brunette psycho-killer. I’m worried about Future!Peter, slightly unhinged and running wild, pulling time apart like butterfly wings. And poor Peter of the Present, trapped the body of Francis Capra, who’s looking the worse for wear since his days on Veronica Mars and definitely since his days opposite Shaq in Shazaam.

You know, I managed to spend a very pleasant summer not emotionally invested in the lives of fictional characters who were not my own. It seems as if those halcyon days are over, what with poor Matt on a vision quest in the Sahara Desert, Mohinder, horny and Hulking, and Nikki – excuse me, Tracey, now the literal Ice Queen of New York.

But while I love what you’ve done with the place, that’s not to say that the trim matches the walls. Yes, Mama Petrelli, matriarch and madwoman, has finally revealed her power, but won’t somebody think of the children? Molly has been shipped off to an undisclosed location, her lack of presence explained by a line obviously written to justify her absence – which is still better treatment than recently orphaned Micah received, last seen clinging to his cousin as his mother died in a horrible blaze. Or didn’t die. Either way, our favorite technopath’s fate is in the hands of Social Services. I hate to see yet another case of Walt Syndrome. At least Lost had an excuse given that in four years they’ve only been on the island a hundred days. Did Noah Gray Cabey and Adair Tishler grow so huge in six months that they had to be written out? I know kids grow fast but I’m pretty sure neither of them has hit puberty yet. (Here’s a suggestion for you: Micah and Molly arrive from the future to stop Peter Mr. And Mrs. Smith-style.). And while I’m on the subject of missing persons, what happened to Claire’s flying boyfriend? I had no great love of Peter Pan and I know Claire has other things on her mind, but where was West when Claire was throwing herself in front of trains?

Let us not forget Nathan. If the plot of a powerful leader with abilities coming back from the dead having found religion sounds familiar, that’s because the same thing happened to Jordan Collier on The 4400. Several years ago. You guys can do better than that. In a volume titled ‘Villains’ it seems too easy for Nathan – arguably one of the more morally grey heroes – to suddenly take up with God.

On the other hand, Claire’s traumatic meeting with Sylar and Angela Petrelli’s closing-minutes revelation earned a definite OMG from my lips. And while Hiro’s opening of the safe strikes me as precipitous, it’s always a thrill when he travels to a less than pleasant future, giving him a mission and a purpose.

And finally, RIP Bob. We hardly knew ye. Perhaps now Elle can get the therapy she so desperately needs. After she rescues Peter from Sylar’s soon-to-be breakfast buffet, of course.

Quote of the Day:

Claire: “Are you going to eat it?”

Sylar: “Eat your brain? Claire, that’s disgusting.”

Heroes, Volume Three: Villains, “The Second Coming”

Link of the Day: CNN article on Season 3, featuring a few words from Tim Kring

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