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August 23, 2008

So this is Round II, cellphone-wise. I can say that I am much more in love with Chuck the Second than I was with Chuck the First. I’m still getting the hang of the keyboard, but the autocorrect is doing a great job of catching my mistakes as I write from the backseat of my father’s hybrid.

I’m somewhat behind blogging-wise. A few things have happened the last few days that probably deserve individual posts, but I’m far too lazy for that. I’ll start with Thursday.


As Golden West Movers decided they had to be at my Riverside apartment at 8 a.m. Friday morning, I decided to spend Thursday night packing the remainder of my things and hanging out with some of my friends. Noel and I talked about the online literary journal we’re planning to launch, Circumlocution. Our friend Rodrigo is on board and Noel’s lined up another friend to play webmaster. Stay tuned for more.


Of course, despite bullying me into being there at 8 to move out, the movers didn’t show up until 9. The younger of the two kept trying to pack my roommate’s things onto the truck, which I doubt she would have appreciated. He also attempted to load a bag of trash.

I drove back to LA and met up with my dad who had gone to the storage unit to greet all my stuff from Riverside (at least whatever I hadn’t packed into the backseat of my car.) Since I was hoping to go to the store with him to order my iPhone, I happily volunteered to take another fieldtrip to the Alvarado building where he’s currently engaged in helping the management bring the place up to code.

It took a little longer than I thought, and at one point, while our “guide” was taking a phone call, one of the tenants walked in on us taking pictures in her living room. Awk-ward.

We got to the AT&T store, and despite a relatively short waiting list, had to stand around for forty-five minutes. The reward for my patience was that they actually had iPhones in stock and I walked out of the store with my new baby.


In the evening my parents and I went to see ‘Puppet Up! Uncensored’ at the Avalon Theatre in Hollywood. The show’s a musical puppet improv from the people at Jim Henson. The show was hilarious, and the puppetry was pretty amazing. When you think that they have to make up their lines and coordinate movements plus do the voices… It’s just very impressive.

And then there was Sunday. But Sunday really does deserve its own post, so I think I’ll call this entry quits.


Quote of the Day:

“Anyone privy to the release of the iPhone is going to hold on to their current device as long as they possibly can, all but Scotch taping their devices together so that they can crawl over the finish line and into the loving arms of a shiny new iPhone. (Oh, you know the box is gonna be sexy.)” – John Mayer, singer and songwriter

Link of the Day: – a really terrific website with loads of free ringtones as well as the option of making your own.  I downloaded so many of them that I ran out of contacts to assign them to.

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  1. Derek permalink
    August 31, 2008 3:23 pm

    I can definitely feel your frustration and pain in relation to movers. They really are a pain in the neck these days. I can vaguely remember a time, during my early childhood, when movers could be trusted, when we, the customers, could expect competence as a matter of course. Unfortunately, the intervening years have seen a serious decline in the quality of work and trustworthiness among movers. Just be glad it wasn’t the movers that helped my family move from the Midwest to the southwest. They ruined whole boxes of my grandmother’s china and an antique table that had been in our family for close to a hundred years. Those guys were seriously careless and they also held about half our stuff hostage for several weeks while trying to extort money from my father. What a grand world we live in these days eh?

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