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Putting the “Hollywood” in Hollywood Jane

August 6, 2008

Out of the last four trips to my local Coffee Bean, I’ve seen Mark Feuerstein three times.  Guess that qualifies him as a regular.  

Whew, I have been kept busy lately – so busy, I don’t even remember everything I’ve done the past few days.  Though I did make an excursion to the boiling desert of Riverside yesterday.  I got to see Noel, which was nice.  One of my greatest post-graduation fears is losing touch with my college friends; one is stuck working at his parents’ restaurant in Norco – who knows when I’ll see him again.

On the ABC*Disney Fellowship application front: I have a completed script, though I’ll spend some time doing a little last minute tweaking tomorrow – I’m most concerned with the action lines, as that’s the place where my voice needs to be strongest.  Right now I think it’s a little staccato.  I have a draft of my ‘Statement of Interest,’ but no autobiographical summary yet.  Fortunately my resume’s already in order.  This all needs to be finished and printed by tomorrow evening so I can have it notarized and sent out on Friday.  Which reminds me that the script needs to be registered with the Writer’s Guild. I’ll just add that to my new BlackBerry…

Despite my being a strong Mac fan, and wanting an iPhone, I have come to accept the fact that I want an iPhone, not for its utility (though having phone and iPod in one would be nice), but simply because it’s a shiny new toy.  I’m a techno-magpie.  Talking myself out of buying something simply because it’s shiny and I want it isn’t always easy.  I have zero willpower.  Seriously.  

In the end, the complications of getting an iPhone outweighed its shiny newness.  Basically, my Verizon contract wasn’t up until November, I would have to switch to AT&T (which I’ve been hearing Not Nice things about), and then there’s the fact that the iPhone only has a 16G capacity (at its most expensive model).  I’m not a music fiend, but my library’s growing, and I’m not sure that would be enough.

So for now, my phone and music player are to be kept separate.  Still, I needed a new phone.  My old one was starting to drop calls and do other funny things, and I desperately wanted a personal organizer so I could keep track of my to-do list.  I’m a big maker of lists, but they don’t do much good if you write them down and then leave them somewhere.

The other necessity was a full keyboard.  I want to be able to keep story notes on my phone if I’m suddenly struck with a brilliant idea while out and about.  These things have been known to happen.

I have named it Chuck.  Yes, I name all my electronic devices.  They tend to develop personalities.  I will confess that being able to check my e-mail on the phone is brilliant.  However, I’m having trouble with customized ringtones.  If I could download them on my old phone, surely I can do it on a BlackBerry.  I mean, come on, this thing is supposedly high-end. 

We’ll see what my dad can teach me about it when he gets back from his business trip.


Quote of the Day:

DENNIS KAVELMAN: I’m not sure if you guys use Blackberry or have tried it, but it is pretty addictive. 

GEOFF COLVIN: Well, it is addictive and on Wall Street they call it crackberry for exactly that reason. Once you try it you can’t live without it, so they say.
—”Research In Motion — CFO — Interview,” CNBC, September 29, 2000

Link of the Day: Writers Guild of America, West Registry – it’s actually a requirement for the fellowship, and probably just a good idea anyway.  According to the website, each registration is $20, ouch.  But when you gotta, you gotta, and then your script is protected.  We all know how cutthroat the biz is.

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