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Not Exactly Engulfed in Flames…

July 27, 2008

Fireman making a break for it to play with the pack of labs down the street

...and introducing Pilot!

I emailed my professor, Stu Krieger, about the correct protocol regarding introducing established characters in a spec script. Here’s what he said:

Put the characters’ names in CAPS the first time they’re introduced in your episode but don’t include any kind of description beyond that (age, physical characteristics) if it’s a regular, recurring character on the show. i.e., if you’re doing a “Grey’s Anatomy” spec, it’s fine to simply say:


With a surgery in progress, MERIDITH enters, glancing about to see if McDreamy is anywhere in sight.


So yesterday the fire department came to my house. It was very exciting.

In the morning Pilot had obedience class. There were lots of tiny dogs, and an adorable white golden retriever puppy. Pilot did very well, actually walking on the leash, sitting and lying down. He needs to work on ‘come’ and while he seems to get ‘off’ in the class environment, he’s having trouble applying that to the real world.

My friend Jeanette came over to meet the new puppy, and while we were watching an episode of Wonderfalls, we smelled something burning. The smell spread throughout the entire house, chemical, acrid, but there was no sign of flames. No electric devices on except the dishwasher. The smell got worse, and when we all stepped outside to escape the fumes, I looked inside, and was sure I could see a thin mist of smoke, the kind that makes the air look hazy.

Dad climbed up a ladder to look in the attic, but still no flames. While I apologized to Jeanette for bringing her to my house to die, my mother called the fire department. Undoubtedly they were just up the street enjoying Johnny Rockets or Jamba Juice, but they came quickly to our rescue. Some were in the navy blue ‘casual’ uniform, while one or two were fully outfitted in the yellow raincoat, toolbelt, and helmet. Lots of firemen for no actual fire.

They unplugged our air conditioning (the little bugger’s given us nothing but trouble), so we’re now roasting alive in our own skin. The smell lingered, but seems mostly to have dissipated.

After that thrilling adventure, we discovered a wasps’ nest on the back porch. It was a very eventful day.

Quote of the Day:

[In reference to a downed palm tree]

Man: Geez, what happened?

Woman: Lindsey Lohan.

– overheard at Coffee Bean

Link of the Day: PostSecret – an ongoing community art project where people mail in their secrets anonymously on one side of a postcard. It’s another great resource for story ideas, or just insights into the human condition.

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  1. July 27, 2008 8:12 pm


    And also, wow. At least it was something minor in being the A/C.

    And firemen are always fun to me. They’re nicer to talk to.

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