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All Tuckered Out

July 24, 2008

The puppy has, unsurprisingly, taken over my life.  I’d post pictures, but he won’t stand still long enough to take one.  At least he’s more comfortable on the leash now.  He and I took a nice long walk today.  If I’m not watching him or working, I’m practically in a vegetative state on the couch.  It makes finishing the revision of my YA novel a trial, I tell you, let alone all the script work I need to do.

Speaking of, I started a Supernatural spec script, since word around town is that though the current preference among showrunners is original spec scripts, it’s good to have a spec for an existing show in your repertoire.  I’m actually dusting off an old short story concept for the script.

It raises a number of questions, though.  What’s the protocol for introducing established characters?  Are you supposed to take current serialized storylines as immutable or can you set your episode somewhere in the ether of the show?  I mean, Dean was sent to hell in the last episode of Supernatural, but I want to write a good old fashioned road-trip, ghost-hunting episode.  Is it better to avoid referencing specific storylines in case the person reading your script is unfamiliar with the show, or better to show off your show knowledge?  

Over the next few days, I will attempt to answer these questions.  I already sent an email to my former professor asking the first – I only wish Jane Espenson had an e-mail address, since she answers a lot of the technical questions on her blog.  Sending the questions snail-mail just seems so…slow.

Today I got to run treatments from Authentic Entertainment to UTA – the United Talent Agency – for my boss.  I felt very important.  The UTA was kind of entertaining, all those young, polished professionals sitting at their little square desks with their Bluetooth ear-pieces, managing to look bored and/or blank as they talk a mile a minute.  

Well, Pilot is currently lounging under my chair in the kitchen (I went out and bought a puppy gate on Tuesday so I don’t have to chase him all over the house), so I should take advantage of the moment, and get some work done.


Quote of the Day:

Man 1: Oh hey, what are you doing here?

Man 2: I’m collecting for the Obama campaign.

Man 1: No, don’t tell me that.

Man 2: Why?

Man 1: I’m working for McCain.

-overheard at the Goldwyn Library in Hollywood

Link of the Day: Dr. Horrible’s Sing-a-Long Blog – if it’s somehow possible that you read this and haven’t yet seen Joss Whedon’s newest masterpiece, what are you waiting for?

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