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Say Hello

June 19, 2008

So today I wrote a third beat sheet for my television series, introducing the real ‘bad boy,’ then wrote the loglines for the rest of the episodes in the season – which is harder than it seems.  I didn’t realize it would be so difficult to sum up twenty episodes in a line a piece.  

One of my loglines, for example: “It’s finals week and tempers are running high.  Relationships blossom and falter under the pressure.”

I think I ended up with a well balanced season, and fortunately I already had an idea of my season’s overall arc.


My local Coffee Bean is literally down the block from my house, and almost every morning since I was here for spring break, I notice this girl.  At first I couldn’t place her, but she looked so familiar.  Then I knew her name was Cami, but I couldn’t remember if I knew her from Mills or from Palisades, my high school, and was too embarrassed to say anything. 

Cami always sits on the patio with one or more of the same group of people, brought together, I assume, by a mutual love of nicotine.  There’s nothing else this bunch could have in common, men and women both of ages ranging from early twenties to mid-forties, some in polo shirts, others with enough ink to fill several fountain pens.  Cami favors a sort of bohemian look, looking, to my mind, effortlessly chic – though maybe more appropriate in New York than California.

I sit inside with my laptop, wearing jeans and a solid tank-top, sipping my mocha latte, trying to make it last.  And it’s weeks before I actually remember to look her up in my high school yearbook.  There she is.  Cameron M.  

I know I should say something.  I see her all the time; she must live in the area too, but I’m careful never to make eye contact.  Too much time has passed now, the window is closed.  If she recognizes me now, how can I explain why I never said a word?  I don’t expect her to remember me – we weren’t very close and I look very different.  

I should say something.  But there’s the fear that Cami’s become one of ‘those girls,’ like my ex-coworker who also smoked and had an inflated sense of maturity.  If I say hi, then maybe there’s an expectation from here on out.  Not that we have to sit next to each other or anything, but I go to Coffee Bean precisely because no one knows me.  By openly acknowledging Cami as someone from my past, I could revert back to my high school persona in an instant – and that is a person I’ve tried very hard to leave behind.

This should be part of my training for life in Hollywood.  There’s nothing to fear, really, it’s another matter of putting myself forward, of taking that step and not holding back.  If I can’t greet a girl I went to high school with at the local coffee shop, how can I walk up to writers and producers and tell them my name?

I leave for Boston the day after tomorrow, but if I see Cami at Coffee Bean in the morning, I think I’ll say hi.


Quote of the Day: 

Emily: You see a man. You walk up to him, and you say – 
Lorelai: Hello.
Emily: Is that too forward?

The Gilmore Girls, Emily Says Hello

Link of the Day: The Art of the Handshake

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