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The Blog-and-Run

June 13, 2008

A quick blog-and-run, seeing as it’s nearly midnight and I haven’t posted today; can’t ruin my streak now.  Today was typically uneventful, though I did come up with five new ideas for TV pilots while sitting at Coffee Bean.  That was one of my self-imposed homework assignments – check that off the list.  I seriously need a personal organizer.

In my second post, I mentioned the Writer’s Market guide, and how’s it’s a worthy expense.  Well, the fact is that it’s also a very large, bulky, heavy book, not exactly suited to travel.  So I decided to look up and see if a subscription to that might be more worthwhile.  I’m currently on a monthly payment plan which will give me time to see if I like it, without costing me much since I’m substituting my paid account on livejournal.  I haven’t fully explored it yet, but so far it seems promising.  There’s a nice, organized way to sort everything, and most of the market entries come with handy, direct links to the agent/publishers/contest websites.  Plus it’s constantly updated.  Whether it has all the information I need remains to be seen, but there are a few promising agents for both YA fiction and television listed.

Which will be a whole new way to get rejected: television agents.  Who knew you even had to get one of those?  But I have a pilot burning a circuit in my hard drive and a professor who apparently likes it well enough to suggest I take the agent path.  I guess I’m not supposed to just throw it at studio heads all by my lonesome.  One of the nice things in that respect is that I only have to query with a letter and perhaps a summary, possibly loglines.  That’s a few pages, tops, whereas a typical fiction query involves a lot of printing and a lot of postage.  Thank god for fathers who run their own businesses.  If you have any one who can handle your postage for you, take advantage of it, and say thank you.  It adds up, unfortunately, but it’s part of the grunt work.

It would be nice if there were just one sort of central method for all my varied interests, but sadly, there’s not.  There’s always the possibility of my finding an agent who represents TV, film, fiction, and non-fiction, but right now I’d just like an agent, period.

I have a lot of ideas in my head all at once, and I really need to just sit down somewhere and plot it all out – maybe I’ll start hitting the library.  Hopefully my mind will clear up a bit after my graduation ceremony on Sunday; a week from tomorrow I’ll be in Boston for a writers’ conference, and it would be nice to be able to get through a complete sentence.


Quote of the Day:

“Television has raised writing to a new low.” – Samuel Goldwyn, movie producer 

Link of the Day: Solstice Summer Writers’ Conference – where I’ll be a week from tomorrow.  If nothing else, it should be an experience worth blogging about.

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